Models and images of Wojciech's students' work.

Wojciech Lesnikowski Retrospective

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Wojciech Lesnikowski retrospective at Marvin hall at KU, definitely check it out. Wojciech was one of my professors and mentors during my time at the University of Kansas. I’ll always remember him for his great stories and his great sense of proportion and classicism. I…

Because, if you throw it all together, it must be better?

Just for the hell of it.

I firmly believe that a little design goes a long way.  Take this, an over the top quick logo I made in about 15 minutes… for my fantasy football team.  Sure, my competitors have photos of their cute dog or one of the generic icons.  Me?  I like feeling like “my team belongs and might…

Gould Evans

Gould Evans turns 40!

The place of my employment, Gould Evans, turns 40 this year.  We are rocking in style by helping out our local community.  Plus, we launched a blog!  Make sure you swing on over and check it out.  Linger for a bit and check out some of our projects and follow us on twitter. Check it out…



Matt has worked around the world on a variety of projects. He currently works for Gould Evans in KC, MO. Before that, Matt worked for Samoo in NY, NY and Vasconi Associés in Paris. He believes new digital tools and good ole’ elbow grease can harmonize function & beauty into a kick ass user experience….


Gutting this website… be patient!

I’m in the process of gutting the website and updating it. It has been 3 years since the last update and 5 since my last major overhall… so it’s about time! Stay tune! (I haven’t even updated WordPress in awhile!). I realized that I was around a lot more web developers and graphic designers recently….

Mad Skills

Mad Skills

Let’s get one thing straight.  Matt loves drawing by hand, and rocks at it.  He just happens to be good at pretty much anything digital.  Need to make a vector based map of a fictional world?  Done.  Need a graphic for the local Oktoberfest beer mugs?  Done.  Want a parametric Revit family…. Boring, but okay….


Everything Else

When Matt isn’t writing copy in the third person, he loves jumping headfirst into all sorts of mischief.  Sometimes he teaches Architecture at the university level.  Sometimes he is explaining complex theological concepts to teenagers.  Then there was that time he did art work for a video game.  Oh and…