Concept Art: SPACESHIPS!


Keeping with the theme of “going back and adding all the random side projects I have worked on”… here is one I did a few years go to celebrate the announcement of Star Citizen.  I am a huge fan of Chris Roberts early works, and a backer.  I was excited enough to do some 3D modeling of my very own space ship, and used it as a method to practice some quick concept art.  Here are two snapshots during that process.

It was even good enough (at the time) to be included in one of their Fan Spotlights.

I have modeled a great deal of it in 3Ds Max, but haven’t revisited it in awhile.  I tend to get involved in a project for a per— oh hey, look over there?  Is that a new project?

MatthewRPauly_LuxuryTransport_01Star Citizen Fan Concept Ship